Saturday, April 18, 2009

The First Sketch of the 2nd Inning

The First Sketch of 2nd Inning by ~msahluwalia on deviantART

08 June, 2008, Bangalore: I'm sitting in office breaking my head over some problem. I decide to leave that issue for a while and get back to it after sometime. There was a pencil in my hand. As my eyes rise from the computer screen I notice Andrea sitting on the opposite desk. Almost on impulse, I pick up a paper from the printer lying next to me and... this is what I made...

The ugliest sketch ever made by me. It is not even close to what Andrea looks like, and that is probably the reason why I'm putting it up so freely. I remember making a sketch of one of my new born cousins when I was still in school. In standard 9th, if I remember correctly. That was my first sketch of a live human and it was wonderful. It adorned the walls of my grandparents home till they sold it off. Will ask them if they still have it when I visit them next.

Though ugly, this piece got me back into sketching portraits... made just one more after that. But, much much better than this one. It is already up - Shadows in the Mirror. Will make more as and when I get 'models' for the portraits.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009


This is the second photo-manip. in the series. See earlier post for details.

Leaves and Flowers


One day while browsing through the albums of the past Euphorias and Paraganas(the annual cultural and corporate events respectively of NMIMS) I came across pictures of these two very beautiful paintings. They were small 6X4 postcard sized pictures and the paintings were not very clear. So I touched them. This is the first one.

And I did not remove the signature of the painter, unlike what I normally do - credits around the borders.


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